Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics for Students

A persuasive essay is also known as the argumentative essay. It is a type of academic writing where a writer has to choose a logic or a clear argument to support his point of view as more legitimate than the other.

Every student has to write a persuasive essay in their academic life. However, picking the essay’s topic is more tiring for the students than writing the essay itself. If you are facing the same issue, this article is the right place for you.

Before moving to the topic ideas for students, it is important to know how to choose a topic for your essay to impress the target audience.

1. Try to select a topic of your interest.

2. Narrow down your topic to a single aspect for making it easier to handle

3. Now, pick a stance. It will be easier to convince the audience about the stance with which you agree.

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Essay Topics for Students

Following are some interesting persuasive essay topics for the students to choose and write from.

1. Colleges or high school should ban the use of mobile phones at the campus

2. Psychopaths must be sentenced to death

3. Parents should keep a check on children's internet activities

4. Online learning is better than traditional learning

5. Production of weapons should be banned to reduce terrorist activities

6. Listening to music while working helps improve the focus

7. Practical time management skills lead to a successful career

8. Pursuing a passion as a career ensures success

9. Dressing shows the individual’s personality

10. Research papers improve writing skills

11. Fast food and soda drinks can lead to obesity

12. Participation in sports should be compulsory for all students

13. Wars lead to widespread destruction

14. Parents should teach their children to donate money

15. Security is more important than privacy

16. Video games are a waste of time

17. Children should not be allowed to drive

18. Bullying is a curse

19. Adult life is more complicated than teenage life

20. Never add your parents on social media accounts

21. Camping is more dangerous than adventurous

22. Drinking and smoking should not be allowed at schools

23. Animal sports are immoral

24. Women are a better swimmer than men

25. Athletes are born, not trained

26. Gaming is the best way of relieving stress

27. Hunting should be banned

28. Domestic violence is increasing death rates

29. Global warming is caused by industrialization

30. Healthcare should be free of cost for everyone

This list of essay topics will help to select an impressive topic for your persuasive essay. Furthermore, contact 'write essay for me' service to get professional assistance from their experienced writers.


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